Windows Remote Installation Services (RIS)

Windows Remote Installation Services (RIS)

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Remote Installation Service

Microsoft Windows Server 2003 is using RIS ( remote installation services ) for installing the operating system from network and to configure this we have to perform the steps given below.

1. Configure your machine with a static or manual IP Address.

2. After assigning IP prepare your machine to install Active Directory Services. (ADS)

3. Now start the installation of ADS by using either Server Manager or DCPROMO form cmd.

4. Once ADS installation finished it will also create DNS Server in the machine.

5. Verify the DNS that it should contain both Forest and Domain level Zone into the machine.

6. Now to provide IP to FQDN Resolution we require a Reverse Lookup Zone which is by default not created by ads installation.

7. Lets configure DHCP Server in authoritative manner so we can provide the ip releated configuration to the clients

8. Now install the Remote installation Services from add/remove windows components.

9. Now just add the OS image into the RIS.

10. Open Active Directory Users and computers and verify the server from domain controllers section.

11. Now reboot the client machines with PXE and start the installation

Note. : to make it fully automated just install and use setupmgr.exe utility from installation cd.

Enjoy installing


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