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RHEL6 is launched as a new version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux with new features.

Rhel6 provides the complete foundation customers need for physical,virtualized and cloud deployments.

The company has included about 1,800 new features and removed more than 14,000 errors to the os.

Rhel6 supports management of Non-Uniform Memory Access,which is a most powerful feature for multicore and multinode systems
bcoz it permits the kernel to derive the varied memory resources across a number of process.

Rhel6 provides:
1) Rhel6 has improved efficiency with the new generation ghly scalable hardware systems.
2) Rhel6 has new technologies for physical,virtual and cloud deployments
3) Rhel6 has security and flexibility for both host and guest environments

Rhel6 is a good replacement for Windows server.

Rhel6 has some more enhancement in some areas like security,scheduling,power savings,control groups,resource and system management.